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We make sure our clients acquire the right software, at the best price, and help them get the most out of their new tools from day one.

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Buying software doesn’t have to suck

Here’s why you should work with Remitech

Expert advice, tailored to you

We start with your requirements to find the product which is right for you. We partner with multiple vendors in each space so we can provide you with insight on the difference between tools and highlight what else should be on your radar.

Superb customer service, always

When you need us, you’ll get us. And that means a member of our team on the end of a phone, Slack channel, WhatsApp chat or whatever works for you. No more dodgy webforms with annoying CAPTCHAs.

We’re savvy on price

We negotiate with vendors on a daily basis so we know what you should be paying – and could be saving. We know how to make you look good to your finance department.

We save you (lots of) time

Procurement is a time-intensive process – but we arrange your product demos, set up your trial accounts and handle vendor questions, freeing you up to focus on your business priorities.

Free training as standard

Once your new software has been implemented, we help you get your end-users up-to-speed with it for full adoption. Hello lunch and learn sessions run by us!

Access to our network

We work with an incredible roster of high-growth startups and scale-ups. Need to talk to someone who’s already jumped the hurdle you’re facing? We’ll hook you up.


employee at curve

“I don’t think we’ve ever signed a deal as good as the one Remitech secured for us.”

“Remitech went above and beyond any reseller we’ve worked with. Even at 8 PM, they were happy to jump on a call to work through a spreadsheet with us! Remitech communicate really well – they don’t just send endless emails – instead they asked us how we wanted to communicate on day one – and we did the rest over WhatsApp. They worked as an unofficial extension of our team – and got us pricing and terms we just wouldn’t have been able to secure by ourselves.”

– Rob Barrett, IT Workplace Tech Lead, Curve
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customers and counting have simplified their wallets with Curve

employee at pesnionbee

“We’re 100% happy. Remitech kept an eye on the detail and made sure we got exactly what we needed within our challenging budget.”

“I’m a big believer in using technology to remove all repetitive manual work. One of the problems with procuring a series of technical solutions is that there’s so much choice that the art of the possible isn’t always clear, and things don’t necessarily work well together. It’s really helpful to have someone on your side who has familiarity with all the toolsets and the procurement processes. Remitech provided excellent product management, price negotiation, and a bit of cat-herding thrown in.”

– Jonathan Lister Parsons, CTO – PensionBee
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customers and counting have taken control of their retirement using PensionBee

employee at ennismore

“We absolutely recommend working with Remitech. I don’t think implementation could have gone any better than it did”

“Remitech has been there for us when we’ve needed quick answers, deep technical expertise and someone who can think around a problem. Our team engages regularly with Remitech and we love that they drive us to get the most out of our software.

I feel especially thankful that they’ve made my life easier as that’s ultimately what I’m looking for. It’s also great that the whole team get on very well with Remitech on a personal level. ”

– Tom Rimmer, Director of Technology, Ennismore
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Did you know?
Ennismore, with it’s well known brands such as The Hoxton Hotel and Gleneagles ranked #29 in FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

How We Work

Our tried and tested process



Everything starts with your requirements, your budget and our understanding of your technology stack. We then introduce the vendor landscape to you, explain who the key players are, their pros and cons, and present a shortlist of options which meet your high level requirements and budget.



We coordinate with shortlisted vendors to set up product demos and trial accounts. Once a technical fit has been established, we negotiate with the vendors to get you the right pricing and contract terms. We use our expertise and experience to aid your decision-making process.



We guarantee a stress-free software implementation and even run end-user trainings. We also connect you with our customers who deployed the same tools to learn from their experience. We then schedule regular catch-ups for product updates and advice on getting the most out of your tools.

Vendor Spotlight

2022 Remitech Focus Technology

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management is all about making sure that the right people in your organisation can securely and easily access the tools they need to do their jobs. We combine multiple vendors together to automate your joiner-mover-leaver process and provide full HR-as-a-Master.

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Remote Work Collaboration

The world changed overnight, and it was remote work and collaboration software which allowed businesses to survive and thrive. The ability for employees to work effectively – from anywhere, at any time, and on any device – is vital. We remove geographical barriers from the workplace by offering simple and secure file sharing, smooth collaboration and world-class security.

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Electronic Signature

No printer, no ink, no paper, no scanner…no problem! Electronic signatures are legally binding and enable contracts to be signed in minutes not days. Sales orders, employment contracts, procurement, legal documents…all completed from your phone, tablet or computer. Plus they’re better for the environment so you’re supporting your business in becoming carbon neutral.

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Wherever stage of the buying process you’re at, we can help!

Talk to us about your requirements, ask us your pressing questions, and find out for yourself that buying software really doesn’t have to suck.

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